Primary Care

Getting your older adult to the doctor’s office for an appointment can bedifficult or sometimes impossible.

Whether they’re frail, can’t walk on their own, or have Alzheimers or dementia, getting out of the house is hard on both of you. Going to a doctor’s office can also expose seniors to germs or harsh weather.

IVPS offers a wide variety of PCP’s, from physicians, physicians assistants and nurse practitioners, to care for the elderly and those who cannot make it out of their home due to chronic illness or condition. Our doctors are caring, dedicated, and compassionate individuals who establish close relationships with the families and patients, and highly trained in the treatment of geriatric and homebound patients.

  • Sick calls
  • Routine Visits
  • Flu shots
  • Immunization
  • Post hospitalization discharge follow up
  • Medication refills and management
  • Comprehensive Physical Examinations and management of current condition

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