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We impact lives! Get to know us more! Sourcing and recruiting temporary and permanent personnel are an ongoing concern for today's businesses, so it only makes sense to collaborate with a professional staffing agency like us with strong community roots and an unshakable dedication to helping Michigan businesses and their employees flourish.

25 Years Of Experience in Medical Services
About Kare Center

We Know; We Understand 

Synergy Alliance Group is an agency established and run by a team of nurses and healthcare professionals with vast experience and knowledge in professional recruiting. We understand the lengthy process and the problems that foreign healthcare professionals and healthcare institutions are confronted with as they attempt to improve patient care through international recruiting.

Our main objective at Synergy Alliance Group is to supply the best-qualified personnel to our asking clients while keeping a competitive price strategy, with a special focus on effectiveness and efficiency.

  • Your American dream is achievable with us, Synergy Alliance Group! We make a difference in the lives of our healthcare professionals by assisting them in achieving their "American dream."
  • We make a difference in the lives of our clients by forming strong staffing
    partnerships that enable them to overcome staffing shortages while
    meeting patient care objectives.
  • We make a difference in the lives of patients who receive the care they
    require from our healthcare experts.
  • By delivering a steady growing firm and a fantastic place to work, we transform the lives of our employees and their families.


The Synergy Alliance Group team is committed to creating long-term relationships between talented, globally trained healthcare professionals and our client healthcare institutions in the United States to cover critical staffing shortages.

Synergy Alliance Group was established by a group of dedicated individuals who believe in offering an unparallel and unrivaled mix of clinical and cultural transitions training as well as individualized, continuing support to ensure the successful placement of all of our healthcare professionals.

Synergy Alliance Group is the most excellent resource for US healthcare institutions and foreign healthcare professionals to employ to achieve their career and staffing objectives.


Our Culture

Synergy Alliance Group is a global leader in the recruiting sector. Our team is well regarded as a forerunner in the field of effective local and international healthcare placement.
We have a distinct corporate culture at Synergy Alliance Group, and we place a premium on holistic well-being. We place a high value on work-life balance and the health of all our employees, whether it's through giving tools for personal growth or supporting physical activity.

Our Promise

  • Excellent patient experience.
  • Excellent clinical quality.
  • Turnkey multinational employment arrangements that provide consistency
    and dependability.
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Our Experts Doctors 

We are the leading proponents of the best staffing solutions. We are always reevaluating and assessing existing solutions to uncover the best ways to effectively incorporate local and international staff while providing the best return on investment for businesses.

If you are seeking a means to satisfy your staffing needs or advance in your professional healthcare career, we urge and encourage you to consider partnering with Synergy Alliance Group. You will not regret doing it.